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Decorative Garden Fence Spikes



Popular with homeowners for protecting their garden fences and walls.


When fitted along the top of a wooden fence or a wall, they discourage climbing by people or animals, so are often used as an anti-cat or anti-fox measure, as well as being installed to keep children, or vandals, burglars or other unwelcome intruders from climbing into the garden

 Our metal anti-climb spikes are typically used as wall or fence spikes, being fitted along the tops of walls or to building fascias, however they are also often bolted to or welded the top of metal gates or fences.

 Made from powder coated steel these items are long lasting and effective as a visible and attractive deterrent


Now Available in Double Pack, or display Triple Pack including the single spike capital or the Single Spike Capital on its own



Sizes: 400mm wide x 400mm high x 25mm wide fixing plate, Central single spike is 470mm high


1st Spike is 256mm high, 2nd spike is 305mm, 3rd spike is 360mm high, 4th spike is 400mm high