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Square Bollard Stainless Steel



Stainless Steel ( Grade 304 )
  • High Quality.
  • Made in the UK.
  • Sizes available in flat or bevel top:
  • 50mm square x 1200mm high
  • 75mm square x 1200mm high
  • 100mm square x 1200mm high
  • Suitable for mounting into concrete
  • Long lasting, anti rust and stylish finish
  • By design, bollards create visible barriers to direct traffic and pedestrians
  • Steel pipe security bollards should be used in locations requiring high impact protection.
  • They are made from 304-grade steel embedded deep into concrete and reinforced with concrete to withstand significant shocks.
  • Steel pipe bollards protect against vehicle accidents and ram-raid, or smash-and-grab, intrusions.
  • Use security posts to protect building entrances and storefront windows, which can be prime locations for vehicle invasions.